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Anger Management

​Anger Management​


We are introducing you a 12-week cognitive behavioral anger management group treatment. Each of the 12 90-minute weekly sessions will be described in details with specific instructions of group leaders, tables and figures that illustrate the key conceptual components of the treatment, and homework assignments for the group participants. An accompanying participant workbook will be available to enable the participants to better  learn, practice and integrate the treatment strategies presented in the group sessions. The treatment is a combined CBT approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions.


This combined approach presents the participants with options that draw on these different interventions and then encourages them to develop individualized anger control plans using as many of the techniques as possible. Not all the participants use all the techniques and interventions presented in the treatment , but almost all finish the treatment with more than one technique or intervention on their anger control plan.


We hope that this program to be helpful to clients who experience anger problems. Also reductions to be frequent and intense anger and its destructive consequences lead to improved physical and metal health of individuals and families.

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